How to use buses and trains (English)

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    Welcome to the ‘Sechser’!

    ‘Der Sechser’ is an area with a unified set of rules for your journeys by bus and train:

    • Herford
    • Minden-Lübbecke
    • Lippe
    • Gütersloh
    • Bielefeld

    You need a ticket to use a bus or a train

    Buying a ticket
    You always need a ticket when using a bus or train. Please always buy your ticket before boarding. It’s valid for the whole journey, from start to finish. If you are caught without a ticket, you can be fined with €60 and have to show your ID card or passport. Travelling without a ticket can also have legal consequences.

    Validating your ticket
    You must stamp your ticket before or immediately after boarding the bus or train. This makes the ticket valid.

    Children under 5 ride for free
    Children between 1 and 5 do not need a ticket. Children must always be accompanied on a bus or train.

    Your ticket is valid on buses, trains and trams

    Tickets are valid on all public transport vehicles
    If you bought a ticket for a specific journey, it applies to all public transport on the route.

    You can also change to get to your destination
    If necessary you can also change between different lines (even between buses, trams or trains) to get to your destination and do not need to buy a new ticket. However, you usually have to arrive at your final destination within 90 minutes.

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    Where your ticket is not valid
    Your ticket is neither valid on so called long distance trains like ICE and IC nor on night buses and taxis.

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    Where to buy your ticket

    When boarding the bus
    Always enter buses using front door. Buy your ticket from the driver. Tell the driver where you want to go.

    When you get on board a regional train
    Buy your ticket before or when boarding the train: at the railway station, service centre, or ticket vending machine. There are step-by-step explanations at the ticket vending machine. Simply select your start location, destination, and ticket.

    We’re here to help:

    Single ticket

    • 1 person
    • One way

    Children’s ticket

    • 1 child (6 to 14 years)
    • One way

    There are lower prices (‘short distance ticket’) for short trips by bus (up to 4 stops): Just tell the driver where you want to get off.

    4-trip ticket

    • For 4 trips
    • Or 1 trip with 4 people
    • Important: stamp once per trip and person
    • Cheaper than 4 single tickets
    Icon 4er Ticket


    • There is a cheap children’s 4-trip ticket for children aged 6 to 14 years!
    • You can also purchase a 4-trip ticket for short distances.

    9:00 day ticket (1 person)

    • Valid for one person, on one day from 9am to 3am the following day
    • Also valid before 9am on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
    • You can take as many trips as you like within the relevant zone during this time
    • You can take 3 children under 14 years with you
    • You can also take a bicycle instead of a child

    9:00 day ticket (5 persons)

    • Valid for five persons, on one day from 9am to 3am the following day
    • Unlimited travel on the paid route during this time
    • Also valid before 9am on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
    • You can travel with up to two bicycles instead of persons
    9:00 day ticket (5 persons)

    Monthly ticket

    • Valid from the beginning to the end of the month
    • Valid for one person
    • Unlimited trips on your route
    • From 7pm on Mondays to Fridays and
      all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays:
      • Free travel with up to 3 children under 14 years, and one adult
      • You can take a bicycle instead of a child

    Some cities also offer cheap monthly tickets for people with low incomes. Ask us, we’re glad to help!!

    What are price levels?

    The price of your ticket depends on how far you travel.
    There are fixed prices for trips from City A to City B (=price levels).

    Examples of price levels (from Bielefeld)

    Beispiele für Preisstufen (ab Bielefeld)

    Tip: You only need to know your start and destination,
    not the price level: the bus driver and the vending
    machine know the price level for your route.

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    How to plan your journey by bus and train

    The online timetable shows all bus and rail services in the ‘Sechser’-area: /owlv/fahrplanauskunft

    Please enter  start and destination points. Select required journey time. On screen the following will be shown:

    • Suggested journeys
    • Departure times for buses and trains
    • Price for your journey

    Tip: one ‘click’ and the timetable is in English!

    What does it mean when a phone number is displayed in the timetable?
    Sometimes the timetable displays a phone number in the detailed description of a bus service: Please dial the number 60 minutes before your journey. Tell us that you want to take this bus. You will be picked up from the bus stop at the designated time (taxi or bus).

    Telefonnummer auf Fahrplanauskunft
Start und Ziel
Datum und Uhrzeit
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Online-Buchung On demand-Verkehre

Buchen Sie Ihre Fahrt mit AST, ALF und Taxibus bequem online.

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